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Support Smile at work

There are many ways to support Smile through corporate activities. Working with a charity to raise funds has many benefits to your organisation and staff, as well as to us.

Corporate social responsibility relationships can:

  • improve public brand perception
  • boost staff morale and experiences
  • promote positive team building
  • break down barriers between employees and management

Charity of the year

Nominating Smile as your workplace charity of the year enables you to make a special contribution to our work with disabled children locally. We will support you in your fundraising activities and can help you to develop your own personal fundraising plan for the year. It is our aim to ensure you get the most out of the experience and achieve your aims from the partnership.

If your business isn't able to commit to a whole year of support for Smile, then why not consider holding a charity week or month instead?

Host an event with clients or business partners in aid of Smile Support & Care

You can support Smile with a one-off event to raise funds, such as a dinner, ball, conference, events ceremony or breakfast meeting. We can support you with the event and provide a speaker, displays, and help with promotion.

Volunteer as a team to compete in a challenge event such as the Great South Run

Taking part in challenge events as a team is not only a fantastic team-building activity boosting staff morale, but is also a great fundraiser! There are many runs, walks and cycles as well as challenge events abroad available to join, and Smile can provide fundraising advice, branded t-shirts or running vests.

Suggest payroll giving for your staff

Payroll giving is a simple and tax efficient form of giving directly from your salary. With payroll giving, your donation comes out of your salary or pay packet before the tax is removed. This means that should you choose to give £10 to Smile, the amount you actually pay is just under £8. If you're in a higher tax bracket, your £10 donation costs you just £6. 

If your work doesn't have a payroll giving department then why not encourage them to start one up, or alternatively give monthly to Smile via a standing order from your bank. For more advice on Payroll Giving see www.payrollgivingcentre.org.uk.

Staff fundraising

We value the support of local businesses and national companies who allow their employees to support a local charity. Staff fundraising is an excellent and fun way to enhance the morale and enthusiasm in your organisation and motivate your staff. You can organise your own activities, join in our events, or undertake a Challenge Event and get your colleagues to sponsor and support you.

Staff volunteering

We welcome voluntary support, with possible projects including helping at an event, providing office support, working in our shop or holding a collection at a local store.

Matched Fundraising 

Could your business match the funds raised by your staff and double the donation to Smile?

Collecting Units 

If your business is customer-facing, why not show your customers or clients that you are supporting Smile by siting one of our collecting tins in a prominent place such as your reception?